Indie Radio Network Music Submissions

We want to thank you for your interest in our network and wanting your content aired on Indie Radio Network.

To start things off, Indie Radio Network is not a radio show as people have believed us to be, but we are a network of internet radio stations that broadcasts content from all over the world. So let's get started on what we need from you.


We get asked this all the time if we charge artists to submit content and the answer is no. It does not cost anything for you to submit your content to us. Because of this, we also do not pay royalties to companies such as ASCAP, BMI, or any PRO's here in the USA or any country equivalent.


Concerning content that is submitted to Indie Radio Network, other stations and networks want music and content to be professionally done and tagged, but here we are not as strict concerning content as we deal with independent artists, so we try our best to not be so strict in our guidelines because not every artist or band is at the same level.

Regarding music, we do like mp3's better no less than 128k in bitrate but we can take any file extension that can be opened on a computer and able to be converted by any of the major audio and video converters on the market. We also ask that you do not send us Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or YouTube links for music submissions only, as we are not able to play these without having actual sound files such as mp3, wav, or so on.

So what kind of content are we looking for? We are looking for content that makes you as the artist proud of what you do and helps stand you out in the community. As Indie Radio Network, we serve communities all over the world, but when it comes to content, we look for those that make the artist or band proud of why they do what they do without having to jump through hoops to be heard. We also get asked all the time whether content has to be edited and the simple answer to that is no. The reason to this is that we don't like to restrict artists or bands from their creative flow and as an internet radio station, we are not regulated, so we do take both and we leave it up to you on how you want your music conveyed to potential listeners. We do like to have music and content that is sent to us to be tagged with metadata. Simply metadata is information that is carried within a certain file telling a system on how to read certain files and how they're displayed and can be included when paying out royalties. We however don't require them to be filled in, as we can also put the tags in when we save the files. Only thing we ask for is that files sent to us has artist – song title in the filename, along with providing the name of the album song is featured on.


Every submission that comes into Indie Radio Network gets considered on a number of factors on where they would go on the network. These factors include genre, beat, lyrics, or anything else that is pertinent. Once your music is accepted by the staff of Indie Radio Network, it will be put in a general rotation list on the stream that song is put on, to be spun at any time within a 24 hour period depending on the system and how many songs are by one artist. We have been asked to put songs in heavy rotation or aired at a certain time, but we do not like to do this as we don't get enough listeners to be able to handle this, but with general rotation, said content can play at anytime. The more songs submitted by you, the better chance your music has to be heard more within the rotation list.


Once content is accepted, we do promote and tag you on our Twitter page as soon as music is accepted so we do ask that you promote the network to your fans on a regular basis in order to help make the network known. We do not want to charge you to submit your content to us, but if you are not able to promote us in return, then we will have no choice.


So now you know what we do at Indie Radio Network and how your content is aired, but let's go into final details. When your music is sent to us, we do not share it with other stations or DJ's, along with downloads of your content on our site without your written and explicit consent to do so. Everything we do here at Indie Radio Network is held to the strictest confidence and we do not disclose anything without your permission.

So are you ready to submit your music? You can send your content to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it When sending said content to us, please follow above guidelines on sending information. If you need to send multiple files such as albums and everything that will not fit in an email, please upload content to Dropbox, WeTransfer, or any file sharing program you choose and send us the link so we can download files. We also ask that you send us your social media links such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube links that you may have, along with a bio or EPK if you have one, along with city, state, and country where you are from. Please do not just send us the links without songs attached to the email as this will delay the submission process.

We try our best to send confirmation emails concerning any content that is accepted by us, but sometimes we are also out in the local area promoting the network to potential listeners, so we may not be able to reply all the time, but we do ask that you at least allow 7-10 days from the date we received your submission, to be aired on IRN. If you have not heard from us within that time, please email us and provide us with the email you sent submission from along with the date original submission was sent, so we can get the content put in the network.

We thank you for your support of Indie Radio Network and we hope to build a network with you.